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Indiana Open Door (Sunshine) Laws Seminar

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October 13th Seminar

To help our local Government Boards be more effective in the community, we are offering a free seminar on the Open Door Laws.
We also wish to invite and encourage any local Civic Organizations who are interested in improving their community communication skills to also attend.
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For the October 13th's Open Door Law Seminar PowerPoint Presentation
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The current Public Access Handbook

Those Attending and Their Organizations
Nancy Grossman - Leader Publishing John Mishler - Washington County Commissioner
Brad Shelton - Washington County Parks Board & Washington County Land Use Planning Richard Dixon - Washington County Tourism
 Michael L. Burton David Hoar - Washington County Council
Travis Elliott - Land Use Planning Anita Collins - Campbellsburg Town Clerk
Lester Souder - Washington County Parks Board Bob Hoar - Brown/Vernon Fire District
Donna L Pruett - Oakland City University and
the Committee to Elect Gary Pruett for Mayor of Mitchell


Thursday, October 13th at the Campbellsburg Indiana Community Center

Public Access Counselor Katie M. Williams-Briles
 graciously agreed to come down to Washington County to give a presentation and answer any questions that you might have on the Open Door Laws.

The Indiana Open Door Laws entitle the public with a right of access to state and local public agencies, to notice of these meetings and the ability to inspect and copy meeting materials.

How do these laws affect our local government agencies and boards? What information does the public have the right to access and how? What do you need to do to present a meeting that satisfies the requirements of the Open Door Laws and meets the need for good communication with the public?

This October 13th seminar will be taped and hosted on for everyone to view. Those who attend and their organizations will be listed and recognized on for participating.
Leader Publishing and Green Banner Publishing are also supporting this seminar, will be attending and covering this in their papers for the community.

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